Our Philosophy

PT Deraya was established in 1967, and PT Derayastill abides by the Four Essential Factors of Success and the Two Keys of Success Indicators that form the backbone of the business. These two main stays motivate PT Deraya to always give the best to their clients because client satisfaction and safety assurance are the main priorities for PT Deraya.

Essential Factors for Success are:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Efficiency

Keys ofSuccess Indicators:

  • Zero accidents or incidents
  • Prompt service

Our Values


Being a flight operators with quality service and guarantees the best security for the client's interests.


1. Fly client or shipment of goods with quality service and guarantees the best security to arrive at the destination.

2. Educate employees to be a crew with a quality manner to meet the standards of the best aviation safety levels.


Established in 1967, PT DERAYA was a pioneer in the field of aviation business in Indonesia. It is a private company group with the synergy of various divisions and solid subsidiary companies that has succeeded in the world of aviation.

In 1971 PT DERAYA together with Arizona Air Services International from America formed a new partnership company by merging the names of the two companies to become PT DERAZONA AIR SERVICE. This partnership focuses on the business of leasing helicopter services (rotary wing).

PT DERAYA owns and operates several kinds of aircraft in all different sizes. Because the flight industry demands such high standards of safety control and maintenance,the highly skilled technicians of the Engine Maintenance Division of PT DERAYA carry out routine and thorough aircraft maintenance checks. This division also replaces the old aircraft with newer planes on a regular basis.

In 1972, for the first time in Indonesia, PT DERAYA set up a special school for prospective pilots by the name of DERAYA FLYING SCHOOL. Located in Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, DERAYA FLYING SCHOOL has turned out thousands of pilots who work in all facets of the airline business, both locally and internationally.

In 1976 PT DERAYA expanded itsenterprise by introducing a new business unit to serve the needs for chartered air transport, also known as commuter service, in the districts of Java, Sumatra, Isles of Riau, Kalimantan and Papua.

Corporate Strategy

To focus on implementing an air transport service that serves all needs, especially to shuttle oil company employees & miners and run commuter flights for passengers or cargo.

Continue to increase capacity to achieve even better safety standards and finer services in accordance with the regulations.

Maintain good relations with stakeholders

Develop an operational co-operation with other potential companies.

Constantly maintain and upgradethe quality of safety standards.