1. How to register as a student?

  • Fill in the application form through the direct link online application.
  • Come directly to the DFS office at HalimPerdanakusuma Airport.


2. What programs do Deraya Flying School run?

  • Packet PPL-CPL + IR
  • ME program (Multi Engine) and IR (Instrument Rating), separately, on request.


3. How long does the PPL CPL + IR packet program take?

  • The program runs for 15 months.


4. Can the fee be paid in installments?

  • Payment can be paid in installments following a pre-determined payment schedule.


 5. How many training aircraft does DFS own?

  • 2 units Cessna 150
  • 5 units Cessna 172
  • 1unit Cessna 402


6. What supporting facilities does DFS own?

  • Two classrooms able to accommodate up to 40 students equipped with laptopsand in-focus projector.
  • A Frasca 142 simulator that can be used as a single-engine and multi-engine aircraft simulator.


7. Does DFS have a contact with any airlinesto employ graduated pilots?

  • Not yet, but DFS is still negotiating for the chance to send pilots to work in some renowned airlines.


8. Does DFS work with any banks to facilitate installment payments for student tuition fees?

  • DFS is in the process of collaborating with several Indonesian banks to facilitate tuition payment installments.


9. Where are the DFS training bases?

  • Halim Perdanakusuma airport, Jakarta
  • Adi Sumarmoairport, Solo


10. While undergoing the flight training program at AdiSumarmo, Solo, where do DFS students live?

  • DFS has its own dormitory only 10 minutes away from the AdiSumarmoairport, which also provides breakfast facilities, uniform laundry, and internetwi-fi connection.