Principal Message

Principal Message

I became the principal of Deraya Flying School in 2007 and my greatest experience has been meeting students from different provinces and countries and fostering the values of toleration and respect for those from different cultures and backgrounds not only amongst the students themselves but also with the instructors and alumnus. Developing solidarity and togetherness, helps to form a new character, the character of a professional and ethical pilot.

Deraya Flying School was established in 1972 and in its 38 years of operation DFS has graduated thousands of pilots who are now working for either local or international airlines. Fortunately for DFS, the alumni have not forgotten their place of tuition. Frequently, alumni come and share their experiences with their brothers and sisters who are still learning. In this way, students not only receive classroom knowledge but they also gain invaluable information from the alumni on how the real world of aviation will affect them in the future.

We, the management of DFS, also strive to provide the best to our students. Apart from our commitment to implement an educational program based on an exemplary syllabus that has been designed to foster first-rate Pilots, we are also in the progress of developing and expanding DFS. We are increasing the number of training aircraft, renovating classrooms and opening new training areas in other localities.

As a result of all our hard work we, DFS educators and instructors are enormously proud of the fact that graduate pilots from DFS are recognized as coming from a quality school and are readily accepted as pilots in most airlines. DFS graduate Pilots are acknowledged as being skilful and sufficiently prepared to enter the world of professional aviation.

Warm regards to you pilots,


Capt. Suparno Muanam, SE
Principal of Deraya Flying School